Alpine Rocking Chair

The Alpine Rocking chair is a new addition to Koala this season. The Alpine is a comfortable rocking chair that combines premium comfort with traditional design that is built to last.

The Alpine rocking chair is made of a long-lasting luxury grey brushed upholstery with a stunning diamond pattern button tufted detailing on the back rest. It has a well-padded cushioning that is long-lasting for everyone who sits on it.

The backrest offers a large surface area to support the user’s back, with its curvature and unique angles supporting anyone who uses the chair to help protect critical bodily areas such as the neck, back, and head.

This rocking chair has a strong and sturdy black metal frame and sturdy curved rubberwood legs, making it ideal for rocking back and forth while you wind down and relax.

This beautiful rocking chair will look fantastic when placed in a living room, bedroom or conservatory. Its light coloured finish makes it excellent for pairing with other natural colours or existing furniture in the home.

This rocking chair is easy to maintain. This chair can be gently hoovered/vacuumed to remove any dust accumulation. Larger blemishes can be removed by using luke-warm water and a soft microfibre cloth.

Rocking chairs have been proven to improve one’s balance and blood circulation. In addition, rocking chairs also help aid in the reduction of muscle pain, anxiety and depression when used frequently. They make a brilliant addition to any home and are a fantastic option to sit on whilst you rock and tuck into a good book or watch television.


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